Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Free Movement

Artist:The Free Movement
Song:I've Found Someone Of My Own
Album:Hard To Find 45s On CD Vol. 12: 60s & 70s Pop Classics

I would guess that when music fans listen to the 1971 top five hit I've Found Someone Of My Own, they think it's by The Fifth Dimension or The Friends Of Distinction. But it's actually by the very similar but short lived vocal group The Free Movement. They had one other song chart and only recorded one album. The Free Movement came out of the Chicago gospel scene. Godoy Colbert was in The Pilgrim Travelers, the Pharoahs and then moved to Los Angeles to join the mid-60s group The Exits. Josephine Brown was a member of The Five Bells of Joy. The other members were Cheryl Conley, Jennifer Gates and Claude and Adrian Jefferson. Obviously The Fifth Dimension were very popular at the time. The Free Movement recorded I've Found Someone Of My Own as a demo and Decca Records released it as a single. It reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1971. But then they signed with Columbia Records and released an album. They charted in 1972 with The Harder I Try in 1972 and never charted after that. The Free Movement split up after recording one album. You can get I've Found Someone Of My Own on this various artists comp from Eric Records. The record was produced by Joe Porter who went on to work for Motown after they moved to Los Angeles in 1972. The record was arranged by Jimmie Haskell and Michael Omartian. I've Found Someone Of My Own was also a top five country hit for Cal Smith in 1973. So now you know why this song isn't on a Fifth Dimension CD. Here's a video for I've found Someone Of My Own by The Free Movement.

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