Monday, January 14, 2013

Velvet Sky wins TNA Knockouts title shot

Here's the match video of the TNA Knockouts gauntlet match from last night's Genesis PPV. The match starts at around 24 minutes of the video clip. Before I talk about the match, last week TNA announced that in 2013 they are cutting back to four live PPVs. the plan is to tape special shows and charge $15. This is clearly an admission that TNA is getting killed by low PPV buy rates. Dixie Carter claims that the PPV landscape is changing and they are changing with it. If that was true, the WWE would do the same thing and they are not. This is clearly a cost cutting measure. It has been rumoured for a while that TNA is having financial problems. I don't see how a drastic move like this can be interpreted any other way. And only TNA loyalists will buy the taped PPVs. What will they do if the buy rates for the taped shows are disappointing? When I heard that TNA planned a gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship, I laughed. How many times have they done this kind of thing with the Knockouts? Can't they think of anything else? There was some confusion because TNA didn't bother to clarify that there would be four different matches. So the main thing I got from this match was they plan to convert Taryn Terrell from ref to wrestler. She clearly missed Gail Kim pulling the tights on two pinfalls. Then she caught Gail holding the rope on a pinfall and missed her foot under the ropes when Velvet Sky won the final pinfall. Taryn has been training at OVW. I would expect Gail to start a feud with Taryn. Gail gave a good performance and was robbed in the end. With no monthly PPV to lead to, it should be interesting to see what TNA does differently. I think they are treading water and I don't think the changes will help much. Enjoy the video!
TNA Genesis (2013) - Part 2 by nishatian1

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