Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theatre-Arisa Nakajima vs Sakura Emi

Here is the main event from JWP's annual Christmas show at Korakuen Hall. It's Sakura Emi defending the JWP Open Weight Championship against Arisa Nakajima. A few years ago Nakajima looked like she would be a big star in JWP. She's attractive and has charisma. And she has wrestling talent. But her head wasn't in the game. She quit in 2009 and reports indicate that she was suffering from depression. But she returned in mid-2012 and was immediately put in a main event position. From what I have seen from her since her return, she's still pretty good in the ring. And she's only 22. So now she gets to challenge Sakura Emi for the JWP Open Weight Championship on JWP's biggest show of the year. Emi is working heel and beats Nakajima up for most of the match. She avoids the comedy style we have seen from her in recent years. It looks like a head butt broke Nakajima's nose so they decided to rush the finish and Arisa Nakajima is the new JWP Open Weight Champion. Enjoy the video!

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