Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eve Torres leaves the WWE

The continuing epidemic of WWE Divas leaving the company reared its ugly head last night when Eve Torres lost the WWE Divas Championship to Kaitlyn and then announced her departure from the company. The angle had Eve getting counted out deliberately so she wouldn't lose the belt. The stupid part of the angle had Eve supposedly being afraid of Kaitlyn. Why would anyone be afraid of Kaitlyn? That's why the angle didn't work. I have no problem with Eve's chicken heel behaviour though she can't act or wrestle like a heel. For last night's match, a stipulation was added that if Eve was counted out or disqualified, she would lose the title. Apparently Eve told the WWE last month she wanted to leave. The original plan was to have her lose the belt at the Royal Rumble. But they moved it up to last night's Raw because the show was in Kaitlyn's home town of Houston. WWE brass likes Kaitlyn for some reason. I do not. The match is above average for a Raw Divas match. They get more than two minutes for a change. I laughed when Kaitlyn kicked out of Eve's finisher. Then Eve rolled out of the ring after Kaitlyn's finisher which is a terrible finisher. A little misdirection and Kaitlyn finished with a spear which looked like crap. I suspect a feud with Tamina Snuka is in Kaitlyn's future. So why is Eve Torres leaving the WWE? Like a lot of these girls who were not wrestlers before they were in the WWE, she doesn't want to be a wrestler. She lives in Los Angeles already. She used to be a Clippers dancer. So let her find out if auditions are harder then wrestling. And she is engaged to Gracie Academy co-owner Rener Gracie. Eve is the face of Gracie's self defense DVD series Women Empowered. She has a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She could be a pro fighter but she hasn't expressed interest in fighting in the past. I wonder what Rener would say if she wanted to do that. Recently Eve worked through an elbow injury and that had to get her thinking that if she has other opportunities in the entertainment industry and she is engaged to a successful business owner, why should she be on the road risking her health as a pro wrestler. Not all wrestlers are in love with the wrestling business. Trying to keep these girls continues to be a problem for the WWE. And they don't seem to have a solution. Here's the match video of Eve Torres vs Kaitlyn from last night's Raw.

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