Friday, January 04, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Skeeter Davis

Artist:Skeeter Davis
Song:The End Of The World
Album:The End Of The World: Country Hits 1958-1972

Skeeter Davis was a very successful country music singer in the 60s. But The End Of The World crossed over to the pop charts and was a top five hit in 1963. She was born Mary Frances Penick Dec. 30, 1931 in Dry Ridge, KY which is in the northern part of Kentucky. Skeeter is a childhood nickname. She met Betty Jack Davis in high school and they became The Davis Sisters. They signed with RCA Records in 1953 and had a number one country hit with I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know. But an Aug. 1, 1953 car accident killed Betty Jack Davis and seriously injured Skeeter. Skeeter attempted to continue The Davis Sisters with Betty's older sister Georgia. But they were unsuccessful and split up in 1956. Skeeter planned to get married and quit the music business. But she got back into it and signed with RCA in 1958. She had several top ten country hits. But Skeeter crossed over to pop in a big way when The End Of The World reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. Chet Atkins produced the record featuring Floyd Cramer on piano. The song was written by Sylvia Dee and Arthur Kent. Sylvia also co-wrote the 1951 Nat King Cole hit Too Young. Skeeter's other top ten pop hit was I Can't Stay Mad At You in 1963. She continued to have success on the country charts in the 60s and left RCA when she faded in the early 70s. This comp from the British label T-Bird Americana is a good intro to her music. T-Bird Americana is the country division of the reissue label Cherry Red Records. Skeeter Davis continued to tour and published her autobiography in 1993. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and died on Sept. 19, 2004 at age 72. Here's Skeeter Davis performing The End Of The World on The Bobby Lord Show Aug. 2, 1965.

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