Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yumiko Hotta invades DIANA

Yumiko Hotta attacks
So once Yumiko Hotta announced the dissolution of REINA, rumours started flying about the real story. At first it was thought to be a split between REINA and CMLL. A couple of days later Hotta said on her blog that the split was between her and the owner of REINA. She took the REINA roster with her. I think she realized there was confusion and she wanted to clarify the story. Supposedly REINA will continue but no announcement has been made. But I also knew that Hotta doesn't have the money to start her own company. So what would she do? A couple of days ago it was leaked that she would appear on today's DIANA show at Kitazawa Town Hall. They only had 45 fans there so that didn't help attendance. The main event was an eight woman battle royal. Before it could finish, Hotta entered the ring with Saya and Okuda and attacked Kaoru Ito and Sareee. So obviously she is doing an invasion angle. Ito and Kyoko Inoue act shocked and demand to know what Hotta is doing in DIANA. Hotta says she's a free agent and can do anything she wants. Inoue said afterwards she was shocked to see Hotta but Ito wants to fight Hotta. When asked if she was joining DIANA, Hotta said she's not joining anything. She's coming to DIANA to run roughshod over everyone. She also said Saya and Okuda are going to help her. She didn't bring them to be luggage. She brought them to kick ass. What can I say? If you've seen one invasion angle, you've seen them all. It's not like Hotta is a draw anymore and can help DIANA at the gate. 45 fans is pathetic.

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