Sunday, May 20, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Shins

Artist:The Shins
Song:Simple Song
Album:Port Of Morrow

After recording for almost two decades, The Shins are having commercial success with their 2012 major label debut Port Of Morrow. The lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of The Shins is James Mercer. He was born Dec. 26, 1970 in Honolulu and moved around a lot as his dad was in the Air Force. While living in New Mexico, Mercer started Flake Music in 1992 and they toured and recorded for a few years. He started The Shins as a side project in 1996 but then merged the two bands as Flake Music was going nowhere. The Shins signed with Sub Pop Records in 2001 and moved to Portland. They recorded three albums for Sub Pop but probably had their biggest success with the 2006 single Phantom Limb. Though The Shins do tour as a band, in the studio they're a one man show. Mercer does everything and then forms the band for live shows. In 2008, Mercer started his own label Aural Apothecary with Columbia distribution. After working on an album for his other group Broken Bells and acting in the 2010 film Some Days Are Better Than Others, he recorded Port Of Morrow with producer Greg Kursten. Kursten has won awards for his work with Lily Allen and and has worked with many others. Simple Song was released Feb. 2012 and Port Of Morrow was released in March. It has been The Shins most successful CD to date. I'm sure Mercer is just getting started and we will hear a lot more from him in the future. Here's the video for Simple Song by The Shins.

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