Monday, May 14, 2012

Women's Pro Wrestling REINA expected to rebrand as RAINA

Women's Pro Wrestling REINA held their first anniversary show at Korakuen Hall. At the end of the show, REINA manager Yumiko Hotta announced that REINA was dissolving. So you might ask if they are closing. The answer is no. When REINA started last year, it was a partnership with Mexico's CMLL. The idea was to have an exchange of talent. It was supposed to be the CMLL wrestlers coming to Japan to work for REINA and REINA wrestlers going to Mexico to work for CMLL. The problem was it was a one way street. Plenty of luchadoras came to Japan but none of the REINA roster went in the other direction. So it appears that CMLL was not satisfied with the results of their agreement with REINA. Today REINA announced that their tag team champions have been stripped of the titles and there will be a tournament. The champs were Mima Shimoda and one of the Mexicans. Shimoda lives in Mexico and works for CMLL. The company will continue. I have heard that RAINA will be the new name. Expect an announcement this week. I also understand that four new trainees are coming to REINA. Currently, the roster has four wrestlers including Hotta and they have used freelancers. They need to shore up the roster. The former Basara has been working there as a freelancer but is not part of the roster yet. The main event of yesterday's show was Yumiko Hotta vs CMLL's La Komandante in a no holds barred street fight with the loser getting her head shaved. Of course Hotta won, shaved La Komandante's head and then made her big announcement. The pics indicate a wild match. Also Lady Apache won the CMLL Women's Championship from Princesa Blanca. There were other luchadoras on the show. They brought in Mia Yim and Kimber Lee from the US along with Kyoko Inoue and Sarrree from Diana. And a couple of Ice Ribbon wrestlers including Hikaru Shida. So I guess this show can be described as one big blow off and we will see what REINA becomes shortly.

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