Friday, May 18, 2012

Ai Takahashi's opponent named for June 3 SHOOT BOXING show

Ai Takahashi, Rio Kamikaze
Today SHOOT BOXING announced that Rio Kamikaze will face Ai Takahashi on the June 3 SHOOT BOXING show at Korakuen Hall. Of course Takahashi is a veteran Shoot Boxer and current champ. This is not a title match. This is part of the Girls S-Cup 53.5kg tournament that will continue in August. J-Girls teen kickboxer MIZUKI won her match and will face the winner of this match. Takahashi lost to MIZUKI in February. I expect Takahashi to win this match easily to set up a big rematch with MIZUKI. Rio Kamikaze is a kickboxer who started while in high school but is now a college student. She last fought and lost to Miku Hayashi on last May's JEWELS show. So it appears that she is concentrating on school and has taken a step back from kickboxing. As you can see, she is a pretty girl and has been modeling in the Kyushu region where she lives. She has appeared in magazines and on TV. So because of her age, she could be compared to MIZUKI but she isn't as good as MIZUKI. There hasn't been any news about any matches for the teen tournament for this show and SB owner Takeshi Caesar wasn't sure if he would be able to get two more girls for that tournament. So they might just do the semi finals and final in August.

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