Monday, May 21, 2012

Layla retains WWE Divas Championship

Here's the match video from last night's WWE PPV with Layla defending the WWE Divas Championship against Beth Phoenix. The match starts about seven minutes into the video. Last month the WWE brought Layla in as a surprise opponent for Nikki Bella when Beth had to drop out due to a storyline ankle injury. I criticized the WWE for not bringing in Kharma to destroy the Bellas who were on their way out anyway. This match will not change that criticism. Fans want Kharma. They're not into Layla. So why didn't they bring Kharma back? Maybe it was too obvious for them. It was the usual jittery WWE indecision and the stubborn desire to swerve fans that they probably should have resisted. The match itself is OK but nothing special. Beth went after Layla's knee which I expect everyone will do. Layla had one nice move where she turned a gorilla press into a DDT. I thought the ending was rushed. It looked like they wanted it to look like a lucky move so a clean finish doesn't hurt Beth too much. Of course it's too late. They already messed up the angle last month. Most interesting were the "We want Kharma" chants during the match. The WWE can still fix this but fans are not interested in Layla. They don't care about her. One reason they might want to push Layla is it was reported today that she is up for the Maxim 100. They might try to get her on the cover of the magazine. The other thing is that Beth Phoenix, who is normally very active on Twitter, has been silent for the last week. Maybe she is legit pissed that a major program has been taken from her by a phony injury. She has every right to be pissed by this terrible booking. Enjoy the video!
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