Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lulu

Song:To Sir With Love
Album:The Classic Sixties Collection: 1967

Teen singer Lulu was already a star in England when she topped the charts with the theme of the 1967 hit film To Sir With Love. She also appeared in the film. Attempts to follow this hit didn't work but Lulu has had a long career in England. She was born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie Nov. 3, 1948 in Glasgow, Scotland. She signed with Decca in 1964 and her cover of The Isley Brothers classic Shout was a top ten hit in England. She left Decca for EMI Columbia in 1967 and signed with Epic in the US. She worked with The Animals producer Mickie Most. Then she signed to appear in the film To Sir With Love starring Sidney Poitier. The idea was to have her sing the theme song. Lyricist Don Black was hired to write the song. He specialized in movie themes like Thunderball and Born Free. He was having trouble writing the song so it was suggested that he work with Mark London. He was Lulu's manager's husband and had produced her first album. To Sir With Love topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1967. Strangely, Columbia released To Sir With Love in England as a B side so it was not a hit there. The film To Sir With Love cost $600K to produce and grossed $42M so it was a big success. So I think the song rode on the film's success. Lulu had a couple more minor hits in the US but Epic were unable to establish her as a star. She continued to do well in England and is active today. There are some Lulu comps available. But I think most fans in North America will only want To Sir With Love. So this Rhino various artists budget comp has 15 big hits from 1967 and will be perfect for most fans. Lulu's most recent CD was released in 2005. But she appears frequently on TV most recently in the BBC dance contest TV series Strictly Come Dancing. She also sells a line of cosmetics on QVC England. Here's Lulu performing To Sir With Love 1967.

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