Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JEWELS adds filler to May 26 Osaka show

As expected, JEWELS added some filler to this Saturday's show at Taisho Azeria in Osaka. Unfortunately, most of this filler is a kickboxing tournament presented in association with DEEP-KICK. Supposedly kickboxing is very popular in the Kansai region so it is being called the Kansai Women's Kickboxing Tournament. The biggest complaint I see about JEWELS from Japanese fans is there are enough female kickboxing companies in Japan already and they don't want to see kickboxing on JEWELS shows. They should concentrate on MMA. JEWELS owner Yuichi Ozono has acknowledged the complaints but chooses to ignore them because he wants to present all kinds of fighting. Uh huh. Of course kickboxers work cheaper than MMA fighters too. I expect the complaints to continue. It's a one day tournaments at 47kg. Kaoru Chatani, Akari Nakamura, Megumi and Momoko are the four kickboxers. JEWELS will do a draw for the brackets on Friday. They have also added three amateur kickboxing matches to the show. So if fans don't want to see kickboxing, they won't be very happy. One pro MMA match has been added. In a match contracted for 59kg, Ultra Benkei will face Keiko Tomita. Ultra Benkei was formerly known as Super Benkei and before that Benkei. Her real name is Mayumi Aoki. She trains at Gamurannac. Her record is 5-8 and her last fight was a loss to Iris on the Nov. 28, 2010 VALKYRIE show. Ultra Benkei has been active for the J-Girls kickboxing company and it was announced today that she is scheduled for a title match on July 8. She seems to be doing well there. This will be Keiko Tomita's MMA debut. She is from Fukuyama City in Hiroshima and trains at Burst MMA in Hiroshima. A veteran like Ultra Benkei is a good test for a new fighter. She's not a great fighter but she's not a doormat either. JEWELS has had difficulty developing fighters in the heavier weight classes. That's the complete show and if you haven't seen it, here's the poster.

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