Friday, May 25, 2012

The smallest thing can puncture a tire

So this afternoon I took the bus to do my groceries at the Loblaws at East Mall & Burnhamthorpe. I normally shop on Saturday but with this weekend's racing schedule, I decided to do it today. I have been to this store before but I hadn't been there for a long time. It's farther then the supermarkets I normally shop at. So I get off the bus at Burnhamthorpe and felt there was something wrong with the chair while I was going through the parking lot. I looked at my left tire and saw that it was going flat. So I went into the store and called H.M.E. and then the ODSP to get the repair going. I was trying to figure out what I could have done to cause a flat tire. One of the problems I had with my previous vendor was they don't seem to have the personnel to handle emergency repairs. Service is the main reason I switched to H.M.E. So I got a call from my favourite service guy Eugene just after 2PM and he told me he would come to my location at 4PM. Remember I wasn't at home. I gave him the address. He said he would call when he got close. Meanwhile, I asked the store manager for a chair so I could transfer while Eugene fixed the tire. So you might ask was I concerned about getting stranded if Eugene didn't show up. Nope, not with Eugene. You can put anything he promises in the bank. And he even came fifteen minutes early. He had some trouble removing the wheel due to salt buildup from the winter. But he did that and found that the inner tube was punctured. He found a staple (pictured above) in the tire but he said the tire was fine and he replaced the inner tube. After some discussion, he thought the staple had been embedded in the tire for several months and just punctured the inner tube now. He said that kind of delayed reaction is not unusual. You see how small the staple is. It's not like anyone can see it in the street and go around it. So after the chair was fixed, I still did my groceries and came home. It was an excellent service call and Eugene did a great job as usual. When I go to the People in Motion show next week, I'l be sure to mention this to the guys at the H.M.E. booth.

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