Wednesday, May 24, 2017

RIZIN finds a warm body to face KING Reina

RIZIN held a press conference today to announce that the Bantamweight tournament will begin July 30 at Saitama Super Arena. They have yet to announce details of the upcoming Women's Atomweight tournament. But they did add a couple of women's matches to this show. Unfortunately neither match is very interesting. After her recent DEEP JEWELS win, KING Reina told RIZIN owner Nobuyuki Sakakibara that if he doesn't give her a decent opponent on July 30, she will move to the US. It is inevitable that she will have to do that anyway. The good news is he found an opponent for her. The bad news is it's pro wrestler Lei'D Tapa. Of course she has appeared in RIZIN before and she lost a very ugly match to Gabi Garcia. She hasn't fought since then. The only thing she has going for her is she's big. But that didn't help Alpha Female when she fought KING Reina. Lei'D Tapa is very inexperienced at MMA. And having seen her wrestle a few years ago in TNA, she isn't very good at that either. So I expect a quick finish from KING Reina. I'm interested in what she will do afterwards. She has threatened to go to the US. How long is she going to put up with this nonsense? The other women's match announced has Miyuu Yamamoto facing Cassie Robb. Miyuu is a walking talking gimmick. Her younger brother is the legendary Kid Yamamoto and her son is a fighter too. She has been coaching wrestling for years in Canada. Sakakibara admitted he had to do a hell of a job to get a 42 year old mom to try MMA. Look, it's just another gimmick to him. She lost her first two fights. You may recall Cassie Robb fought in Invicta a few years ago. She lost both of her fights. She is currently fighting for King Of The Cage. And they have sent other fighters to RIZIN including Andy Nguyen who has beaten both fighters. Cassie's record is 2-5. But she won her latest fight. How long is Miyuu willing to continue losing? She's looked terrible in both fights. Maybe she's just not an MMA fighter. If RIZIN adds any more women's matches I will tell you all about it.

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