Sunday, May 14, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Cortney Casey vs Jessica Aguilar

Here's the match video of Cortney Casey vs Jessica Aguilar from last night's UFC show. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. This was Jessica's return to action after knee surgery. She's a veteran fighter and she's had success elsewhere. But not in the UFC. But at 35 years old, she's not getting any younger. And like I always say, Father Time always wins. Can she be competitive in today's UFC? Despite being inactive for almost two years, Jessica was still ranked #3. I don't know why because I don't pay attention to rankings. But I know fighters and their managers do. Obviously Cortney is looking to move up those rankings. Based on this fight, Jessica has clearly lost a step. Cortney was much quicker and that's why she won the fight. When Jessica tried to take Cortney down, Cortney was able to use upkicks to score points. This is a direct result of Jessica's lack of quickness. Cortney was even more dominant in round three. She just wasn't able to finish her. I don't think this makes Cortney a top ranked fighter because Jessica was ranked too high. Should Jessica retire? Probably but I don't expect that if she has fights left on her contract. She should get one more shot. We'll see how that goes. Enjoy the fight!

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