Wednesday, May 03, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Soulive

Song:Come Together
Album:Rubber Soulive

Fans of the Hammond B3 organ should check out the jazz trio Soulive. This is a band that is accessible enough for non jazz fans. Soulive begins with drummer Alan Evans and his brother Neal Evans on Hammond B3 organ. They had been part of Boston bands like Moon Boot Lover when they decided to form Soulive in 1999 with guitarist Eric Krasno who they knew in high school. They recorded an EP at their home studio in Woodstock, NY. Then they released the album Turn It Out with a guest appearance by John Scofield. This got them a record deal with Blue Note in 2000. They released three albums for Blue Note and they toured with The Rolling Stones. They decided to move to Concord in 2005. They recorded two albums for Concord/Stax. At the time Soulive included reggae singer Toussaint. Then they left Concord and since then they have recorded for their own label Royal Family. Come Together is from the 2010 album Rubber Soulive. It's an album of Beatles covers. Neal Evans says it was one of several album concepts they were kicking around. They always wanted to record a Beatles album. Their latest CD Spark was a tribute to jazz organist Melvin Sparks. Soulive hasn't recorded a full album since 2012. They have released a couple of EPs. They tour a lot and if you're in New York, Soulive has their annual Bowlive festival at the Brooklyn Bowl coming up in June. They have been running Bowlive since 2010 usually featuring special guests like John Scofield and George Porter Jr. Fans of organ jazz should check out Soulive. Here's Soulive performing Come Together at the 2013 Rock 'n Roll Resort in upstate New York Mar. 2013.

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