Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mina Kurobe is the new DEEP JEWELS Atomweight Champion

DEEP JEWELS held a show today at Shinjuku FACE. The good news is there were no DATE girls on this show. So the talent level was marginally higher. In the main event, Mina Kurobe continued her winning streak and she won the DEEP JEWELS Atomweight Championship from Sugi Rock. She also avenged an earlier loss. The fight was close enough that I'm sure we'll see a rematch. But Kurobe definitely won by unanimous decision. The problem with Kurobe is she's 39 years old and there is no upside when a fighter with limited experience is that old. There was also the return of Shizuka Sugiyama after time off to have a baby. There's no question that Sugiyama has been a great disappointment. She has the poster girl looks but not the fighting skills. And winning by split decision over Yukari Nabe is not encouraging. Former boxing champ Emiko Raika returned to DEEP JEWELS with a win over newcomer Komachi Karate who chose to wear a gi for some reason. Kanna Asakura is young. So she is thought to have potential. She won her fight over Natsuke Shimonakise with a first round rear naked choke. The problem is Shimonakise is now 0-4 and Asakura has had difficulty with better competition as we saw with her loss in RIZIN. Let me know when she beats someone half decent. DEEP JEWELS has this new larger fighter they are calling King Reina. Finding competition in Japan for her is a problem. So they brought in ex-UFC fighter Shayna Baszler to fight her. Shayna is not really fighting anymore. She is concentrating on pro wrestling. She was in Japan working for STARDOM and she lost to Io Shirai a couple of days ago. She was there anyway so why not take their money. But Reina won easily and they are going to have to send Reina to the US to get decent competition so she can improve. Emi Tomimatsu beat Kai by unanimous decision. And Sarami beat Korean Ye Jin Jung with a first round rear naked choke.

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