Wednesday, February 08, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-21:03

Song:Still Here
Album:Evolved...From Boys To Men

The idea behind 21:03 was to create a gospel group that would have the appeal of an R&B act like Boyz II Men. The man behind this was legendary singer songwriter and producer James Moss and his partners Paul "PDA" Allen and Walter Kearney. They are known as PAJAM and they produce a lot of artists. Of course Moss records as J. Moss and he comes from a legendary gospel music family. His dad was Bill Moss and his aunt was Dr. Mattie Moss Clark so The Clark Sisters are cousins. So they held auditions in Detroit and Evin Martin, Torrence Green and Jor'el Quinn became 21:03. They released three albums on Sony's gospel label Verity Records which is now called RCA Inspirational. Still Here is from the 2011 CD Evolved...From Boys To Men. It did well on the Gospel chart but I think Moss was hoping 21:03 would cross over to mainstream R&B or pop. That hasn't happened. The PAJAM guys write and produce all the songs with some 21:03 input. Martin wrote the lyrics for Still Here after his dad died. Quinn left 21:03 and the group was a duo when they released the 2015 EP Outsiders. Now it looks like 21:03 is defunct. I checked their Twitter account. They haven't posted anything since last summer and their website is kaput. You never know. They could rise from the ashes but it doesn't look good. Here's 21:03 performing Still Here on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel 2011.

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