Tuesday, February 07, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Owen

Song:Bad News
Album:At Home With Owen

Mike Kinsella was in several Chicago area bands. He decided he needed a solo outlet for some of his songs. So he started recording in his bedroom and releasing the music on CD under the name Owen. Among the bands he has been part of are Cap'n Jazz, Joan Of Arc and American Football. Usually his brothers Nate and Tim were part of these bands. After releasing the 1999 album American Football, the band split up and Kinsella decided to record in his bedroom. It's not clear why he called himself Owen, probably to remain anonymous and separate his solo persona from bands that he was in. Since 2001, Kinsella has been releasing CDs as Owen through Polyvinyl Records which was also American Football's label. Bad News is from the 2006 CD At Home With Owen, an ironic title since this was the first Owen CD that was recorded in a studio instead of Kinsella's bedroom. His latest Owen CD was released last year. While performing and recording as Owen, Kinsella is part of other bands like Owls and Their/They're/There. And recently American Football reformed and released a new CD. He says his Owen recordings are more personal than any of his bands and he isn't planning on turning Owen into a band. Here's Owen performing Bad News at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY Oct. 19, 2009. This video is not on Youtube.

Owen - "Bad News" from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

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