Saturday, February 04, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Saint Tropez

Artist:Saint Tropez
Song:Femme Fatales
Album:The Best Of Saint Tropez: Fill My Life With Love

Saint Tropez may seem like Euro Disco especially since this 1982 song Femme Fatales is in French. And it also seems like a soundtrack to a murder mystery movie. But Saint Tropez is one of several disco groups produced in Los Angeles by Laurin Rinder and W. Michael Lewis. Rinder was already part of the Los Angeles studio scene in the 60s when he met Lewis at an audition. The two had a band for a while. Then they were hired by AVI Records co-owner Ed Cobb to record some disco remixes. Cobb was a member of The Four Preps and he became a producer after they split up. This led to a 1975 album released under the name El Coco. There was no group. The music was performed by Los Angeles studio musicians. But the music was successful enough especially in the dance market that they thought they could produce several anonymous disco acts. Among the group names were Le Pamplemousse and Saint Tropez. So they released two Saint Tropez albums on Butterfly Records owned by a friend AJ Cervantes. Saint Tropez scored two top ten dance hits. It sounded like Euro Disco so even fans of the music didn't know where it was produced. After two albums, Rinder and Lewis seemed to retire the Saint Tropez name. They continued to record El Coco and Le Pamplemousse. But then Cervantes started a new label Destiny Records and a new Saint Tropez album was recorded in 1982 called Hot and Nasty. Femme Fatales got some airplay in clubs. But it was probably too weird to be successful. This comp covers all the Saint Tropez recordings. Rinder and Lewis continued in the 80s and they are still around but not as active as they were in the 70s. Here's a video for Femme Fatales by Saint Tropez.

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