Sunday, February 05, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Tecia Torres vs Bec Rawlings

Here's the match video of Tecia Torres vs Bec Rawlings from last night's UFC show in Houston. Readers of this blog will know that I don't care much for either fighter. Tecia is a kickboxer with no ground game and in her last fight, we saw her flaws exposed. It was her first loss. She says she's trying to improve her ground skills. And she does go to the ground a couple of times during this fight. But she's also talking about retiring. She is a criminology student and she wants to go into law enforcement. I guess she knows she's going nowhere. To plan for a real career is a smart. I don't think Bec is a high level fighter. I have thought that since her Invicta days. She trains now at Alliance in San Diego. Based on this fight, she's just not improving. And she's had health problems that have slowed her down. And she missed weight. The story of this fight is that Tecia is not a finisher. But she's too quick for Bec. So Bec can't do anything with her. She's too slow. In interviews, Tecia said she wasn't happy about facing Bec. But she hadn't fought in almost a year. So I think she just wanted to get back in the cage with someone. She normally trains at American Top Team in Florida. But for this fight, she trained with Raquel Pennington in Colorado. Raquel was in her corner. She recently had shoulder surgery. That's why she is wearing a sling. I'm sure Tecia was happy to win the fight. But the retirement talk says that she's not too happy right now. Enjoy the video.

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