Friday, February 17, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Charlatans UK

Artist:The Charlatans UK
Song:The Only One I Know
Album:The Best Of The Charlatans: Melting Pot 1990-1997

The Charlatans were one of several bands to emerge from the Madchester scene in England in the late 80s. The Only One I Know was their first top ten hit in England. They have had plenty of success at home but not as much here. The Charlatans are from Northwich in the West Midlands in England. They were formed in 1988 by bassist Martin Blunt, Rob Collins on keyboards, Jon Brookes on drums, Jon Day on guitar and lead singer Baz Ketley who would be replaced by Tim Burgess. They were called The Charlatans UK in North America because The Charlatans was already copyrighted. They released a single in 1990 and then signed with Beggars Banquet. The Only One I Know was the first single and it reached #9 on the British Singles chart. It was added to the 1990 album Some Friendly. They signed with RCA in the US. The Charlatans toured the US but they never broke through commercially. They were more successful in England. Day was replaced by Mark Collins. They had a setback when Rob Collins was convicted of armed robbery and served four months in prison. Apparently he was unknowingly waiting in the car for a friend who committed the crime. They again had success in England when the 1995 album The Charlatans topped the charts. While recording their 1996 album Telling Stories, Rob Collins was killed in a car crash. Martin Duffy was brought in to replace him temporarily. The album was their most successful to date featuring the top five hit One To Another. The Charlatans contract with Beggars Banquet was up and they signed with Universal. This comp was released at that time. It covers their Beggars Banquet recordings and it's available as a budget CD. Tony Rogers was the new keyboard player. The Charlatans recorded three albums for Universal and they moved to Sanctuary in 2006. After one album, they moved to Cooking Vinyl. They had another setback when Jon Brookes collapsed during a 2010 performance in Philadelphia. He died of brain cancer in 2013. The Charlatans released a new CD Modern Nature in 2015 on BMG. They continue to tour. They usually hire a drummer and other musicians for touring. Here's the video for The Only One I Know by The Charlatans UK.

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