Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Ayaka Miura vs Magdalena Sormova added to Mar. 12 PANCRASE show

PANCRASE has announced that DEEP JEWELS fighter Ayaka Miura will face Magdalena Sormova at PANCRASE 285 Mar. 12 at Differ Ariake. This fight will be at Strawweight. Ayaka is from Saitama and she trains at Tribe Tokyo which is owned by former UFC and DEEP fighter Ryo Chonan. Her record is 3-1 but she was off for almost two years due to health problems. Doctors finally cleared her to return in Sept. 2016 and she beat Sachiko Fujimori on the Nov. 2, 2016 DEEP JEWELS show. Why is she on a PANCRASE show? It could be timing and maybe DEEP JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki may not have an opponent for her right now. Saeki can't afford to bring in gaijin fighters these days and PANCRASE owner Sakai has the money to do that. Magdalena is from Prague, Czech Republic. She trains at Penta Gym. Her record is 4-0 and her most recent win was over Weronika Zygmunt on Ladies Fight Night 4 in Karpacz, Poland Dec. 17, 2016. I watched this fight and it's hard to tell if Magdalena is any good because her opponent was terrible. The fight ended when Weronika blew out her knee early in round two. Magdalena was supposed to be on an upcoming EuroFC show. But as you may have heard, EuroFC is having financial problems and the show was cancelled. I guess she was already in training which may be why she got this fight. This fight is scheduled for three five minute rounds and it's in a cage. That puts Ayaka at a disadvantage as DEEP JEWELS fights are two five minute rounds in a ring. I don't think she's ever fought in a cage. This show will air on UFC Fight Pass so be sure to check it out.

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