Monday, February 23, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 16

On last night's episode of WWE Total Divas, we had the usual mix of fact and fiction including another idiotic Bella Twins dispute that seemed as phony as a three dollar bill. First we go to Las Vegas where Eva Marie is going to a family reunion. If you follow WWE TV, it would be fair to wonder if she still works there. But as we saw earlier this season, she had surgery and her mom said this family reunion was planned around her break. Eva is thinking about her dad's cancer so she is looking at this as his last hurrah. As we will soon see, he doesn't view it that way. And Eva thinks her mom isn't telling her the truth about dad's health. Now we go to RAW in New York. Nikki Bella announces that she is buying an expensive handbag and this leads to Brie Bella lecturing her about her spending habits. This storyline is pointless BS. With her dad in rehab, Nattie Neidhart turns her attention to her parents house which recently was flooded. So again she asks estranged husband TJ Wilson to help her. During this episode, you will get the impression that they are headed for reconciliation. But Nattie is extremely neurotic. TJ hires a contractor and this turns into an episode of Holmes On Homes. Back to The Bella Twins stupidity. Keep in mind that Nikki's extremely wealthy boyfriend John Cena buys her most of this stuff. So she's not even spending her own money. This argument is phony baloney created for the show. Eventually they decide to go to a financial planner. Back in Vegas, Eva Marie plans a bucket list of activities for her dad like skydiving, rock climbing and driving a race car. They show some of this stuff but when her dad finds out she planned it as a bucket list, he gets pissed. He's not dead yet. The only thing he really wanted to do was drive a race car. And that turns out well. But a lot of this nonsense seemed like filler to me. Brie complains to her mom about Nikki's spending and her mom points out that Brie also spends a lot but just differently. Then Nikki gets her handbag. Cena looks at her quizzically but I guess he'll buy her anything to make her happy. Then she takes it to work and Brie lectures her again. We go back to the renovation and then Eva Marie's dad finds out what she did and puts a stop to it. They do drive race cars which is the one thing he really wanted to do. Nattie and Trinity go furniture shopping for her parents. TJ is paying for it. The Bella Twins go to a financial planner. This is so laughable. When he asks them about post WWE plans, Nikki says she got her real estate license. Brie plans to be a mom. Keep in mind that at the time, she didn't know if husband Bryan Danielson would be able to return to work. She actually talks about being a pregnant Diva which elicits justifiable derision. So Brie didn't come across well. Afterwards, they talk about opening a wine bar. That would be a disaster. Imagine those two running a business. At the furniture store, we get to the bottom of Nattie's behaviour. Her dad was always away when she was a kid. So now she projects this on TJ. Trinity tells her to stop doing that. As I said earlier, I think Nattie and TJ will reconcile later this season. This sets the foundation for that. The episode ends with the race car segment and then the reveal of the house. I thought there was a lot of filler on this episode but check out the video for yourself.
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