Friday, February 20, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Cake

Song:The Distance
Album:Fashion Nugget

The Distance is the best known song by the 90s alternative band Cake. Though they never had a big hit single, they did very well on the college and alternative circuits. Because they mix different styles of music, they are frequently compared to Soul Coughing and King Missile. After trying to make it in Los Angeles, Cake lead singer John McCrea moved back to his hometown of Sacramento in 1991 and form a new band. The name Cake refers to mud on a shoe, not food. Other members were trumpeter Vince DiFiore, guitarist Greg Brown, bassist Gabe Nelson and drummer Frank French. After releasing a CD independently in 1994, Cake signed with Capricorn Records. Before recording their major label debut Fashion Nugget, French and Nelson left because they didn't like touring and were replaced by Todd Roper and Victor Damiani. The Distance was the first single and it did well on the Modern Rock chart. Though some might think it is a rap song, I think it's a talking blues. The album was certified Platinum. But the constant touring took a toll on them and Damiani and Brown left in 1997. They were not replaced for the 1998 album Prolonging The Magic. That album was also certified Platinum but again they were unable to get that big hit single. Cake moved to Columbia for the 2001 CD Comfort Eagle. By this time, Xan McCurdy was the new guitarist and Nelson returned to Cake. Then Roper was replaced by Pete McNeal. The album did not do as well as the previous two. After the 2004 album Pressure Chief, Cake left Columbia and started their own label. Since then Cake has recorded a couple of albums, most recently in 2011. There was talk of new music last year but McCrea has admitted he hasn't begun to record. Cake plays occasional shows but they aren't touring regularly right now. Here's the video for The Distance by Cake.

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