Thursday, February 12, 2015

Claudia Gadelha vs Aisling Daly added to Apr. 11 UFC show

The UFC confirmed today that Claudia Gadelha vs Aisling Daly has been added to UFC Fight Night 64 Apr. 11 at Krakow Arena in Keakow, Poland. This will be the UFC's first visit to Poland. Claudia announced this fight in an interview with the Brazilian magazine Tatame on Monday. A split decision loss to Joanna Jedrzejczyk cost Claudia a title shot. She still thinks she won that fight. So do I. But she didn't win decisively enough to convince the judges. She seems to think that winning this fight will get her another title shot. I disagree with that. If that was truly her goal, she would be fighting someone higher up on the foodchain like maybe Joanne Calderwood. I know Joanne would like to fight Claudia. But Nova Uniao always tries to protect Claudia. I don't believe that kind of stuff works in the UFC. This isn't Jungle Fights. I've watched Aisling for several years. I think she has overachieved a bit in the UFC. She beat Alex Chambers in the TUF Finale. That doesn't really prepare her for a BJJ black belt like Claudia. Claudia lost to Joanna because of easily correctable mistakes. Joanna was well coached and prepared well for Claudia. Aisling simply doesn't have the same level of striking skills as Joanna. And I don't think her takedown defense is all that great. Claudia should be the favourite and she should win if she doesn't mess up. But I don't think a win gets her a title shot. That will come from a different fight.

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