Saturday, February 07, 2015

Matches announced for DEEP JEWELS Featherweight tournament

DEEP JEWELS held a draw today to set the opening round matches in the DEEP JEWELS Featherweight Championship tournament. These matches will be on the Feb. 21 Shinjuku FACE show. The semi final matches will be in May. They may do the final on that show or do it in August. That hasn't been decided. There was a time when random draws were always done for tournaments. This is the first time in a long time that a draw has been held. Six of the eight fighters were in attendance. Tomo Maesawa and SARAMI were not there. They did rock paper scissors to determine the draw order. Yukiko Seki selected the first envelope and her opponent will be Tomo Maesawa. Masako Yoshida had the second selection and chose SARAMI. The next selection was by Ayaka Miura and her opponent will be VV Mei. And that means the fourth match will be Emi Tomimatsu vs Mina Kurobe. Another match announced will be Ayaka Hamasaki and Amiba vs Emi Fujino and Sachiko Fujimori in a tag team grappling match. I'm not a fan of tag team anything in MMA. I don't expect that this show will be streamed live. Though there have been rumours that DEEP is in negotiations with UFC Fight Pass and New Japan World to stream DEEP and DEEP JEWELS shows. When asked about that recently, Shigeru Saeki had no comment.

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