Thursday, February 19, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Vinicio Capossela

Artist:Vinicio Capossela
Song:Si e Spento il Sole
Album:The Story-Faced Man

Singer songwriter Vinicio Capossela is revered in Italy as the Italian Tom Waits. He is unknown outside of Italy though Warner Music released this 2010 CD The Stony-Faced Man to introduce Capossela to the North American audience. He was born Dec. 14, 1964 in Hanover, Germany to Italian parents and the family soon moved to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. He played folk music clubs in the area and was a protege of folksinger Francisco Guccini. But Capossela has always been enamored with the beat poetry of Jack Kerouac and the music of Tom Waits. So his music is different from the usual Italian pop music. He signed with Warner Music and released his debut CD in 1990. He has been very popular in Italy ever since. Capossela has recorded with guitarist Marc Ribot who works with Waits. In 2010, Warner decided to release The Story-Faced Man on Nonesuch in North America. His CDs had never been released outside Europe. His cover of the 1962 Adriano Celentano hit Si e Spento il Sole was not released on one of his albums but as a bonus track on the 2003 comp CD L'Indispensable. You might also discover Capossela as I did through Putomayo various artists comps. I don't think he'll ever be popular here but he is worth checking out. Capossela's latest CD Rebetiko Gymnastas was released 2012. Here's the video for Si e Spento il Sole by Vinicio Capossela.

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