Monday, February 09, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 15

After a week off, we are back with a new episode of WWE Total Divas. As usual, this episode focuses on stupidity, cluelessness and Nattie Neidhart's weirdness. We begin with a pointless scene where John Cena wears a mask. I'll let you use your imagination. We go to Hell In A Cell in Dallas and Brie vs Nikki Bella. We may find out later why the WWE cut this feud short. But the girls recently admitted that they wanted it to run longer. Next we go to Austin and the WWE have recently had Nattie and husband TJ coming to the ring together. He's a heel being goaded by the crowd shouting "Nattie's husband". Of course it's awkward because they are separated. Rosa Mendes invites Ariane on a road trip she is taking with Alicia Fox hopefully to smooth out friction between Ariane and Alicia. Well, we all know how road trips go on this show. When Ariane says she doesn't know why Alicia is hostile to her, it shows how clueless she is about the wrestling business. Hey, stupid! You're taking her spot! And Ariane is also perceived as loud, obnoxious and untalented by Alicia and others. Rosa thinks she can help. Remember how she helped Nattie and Summer Rae? Oh, wait. So we know where this is going. Nattie is telling her troubles to Trinity including having her house fumigated. Trinity invites her to stay with them. She will soon regret that. While shopping, Brie Bella tells Nikki that she doesn't use birth control. Nikki's overreaction is "Gosh, what what if you get pregnant? It will be the end of The Bella Twins brand". After the obligatory bikini shopping segment, Alicia wants to know why Rosa invited Ariane on the toad trip. Rosa says it will be OK. Nikki tells John Cena that Brie isn't using birth control. He tells her to mind her own business. She ignores that because we can't have common sense on this show. After an unnecessary clubbing segment, Trinity and Jon pick up Nattie. He's complaining about it and I would not be surprised if this storyline got Trinity bounced from WWE Total Divas. Nattie's behaviour with her cats is just weird. You can see in the car that Jon and Trinity already regret inviting Nattie to stay with them. Brie and husband Bryan Danielson discuss Nikki's birth control concerns and Bryan just laughs. Then we get a road trip preview. Alicia and Ariane can't even agree on who will drive. They are discussing Ariane going for more training. Alicia tells her she needed it. So they are arguing and Rosa is trying to referee. At lunch, Nikki brings up birth control to Brie and Bryan. The short version is Bryan tells her to mind her own business. Now we go to Casa Fatu and Nattie's cats are making a mess. Looking at their wedding pics just reminds Nattie about how her own marriage went south. Back at the road trip, Ariane and Alicia are tossing insults at each other. Ariane walks off. Yet another successful Rosa Mendes road trip. Rosa gets her to return. Ariane and Alicia talk and guess what? Alicia thought Ariane was brought in to replace her. If I knew that, why didn't Ariane know that? Back at Casa Fatu, Nattie's cats are freaking Jon out so Nattie offers to leave. Trinity is trying to talk to her but it isn't helping. The final scene of this episode has Nikki meeting with WWE talent stooge Mark Carrano and merch guy Joe Hickey and Nikki brings up that Brie doesn't use birth control. He says if Brie got pregnant they would still push Nikki. Nah, I don't believe him either. Carrano then says he wants a meeting with Brie. I'm sure this isn't over. Enjoy the video!
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