Monday, February 16, 2015

Review of WWE Total divas season 3 episode 16

On this episode of WWE Total Divas, we have the long awaited return of Brie Mode. That Paige is quite the little jokester. We also take a look inside the mind of Alicia Fox. I'm not sure there is much there. And we have a look inside a very serious issue in the wrestling business. We begin in Birmingham, AL where Paige, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes are harassing WWE announcer Renee Young who I think should be on Total Divas too. This leads to Alicia hiding under a table so she can pop out and scare someone. See what boredom does? We go to Nattie Neidhart's house in Tampa and she is concerned about her dad's health. Of course he is former WWE wrestler Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. She wants him to go to rehab for some sort of addiction. No specifics are given for privacy reasons. But pain pills addiction is a common problem in the wrestling business so that would be my guess. The WWE has a program where they will pay for any current or former employee to go to rehab. So Nattie just has to convince him to go. She's having trouble with that. Now we go to Knoxville where WWE Talent Relations stooge Mark Carrano reminds the girls about the upcoming European tour. The Bella Twins are appearing on the MTV European Awards. Paige wants to know about Brie Mode or Brie Bella in a drunken stupor. Apparently Nikki wants to prevent this. At St. Louis, WWE wrestler Wade Barrett returns from injury. Alicia dreads this because her relationship with Barrett recently ended. She doesn't want to talk to him but the other girls try to convince her otherwise. So now we go to England. They show Paige coming out to her home country fans. But they don't show that she lost her match. Nattie is trying to use the courts to get her dad into rehab. Rosa and Alicia are not on the tour so they go to Rosa's house in Las Vegas. Then a brief clip of The Bella Twins at the MTV European Awards in Glasgow. In Las Vegas, Rosa and Alicia mostly argue about Barrett. I'm not sure Rosa should be giving relationship advice. It doesn't go well. Now we go back to England. Paige is going to try to get Brie drunk and Nikki tries unsuccessfully to stop her. Nikki leaves but she doesn't take Brie upstairs with her. That lack of logic is no doubt a producer's decision. Why would she leave her with Paige? Paige orders several shots and you can guess what happens. Of course Brie makes a fool of herself and Paige just laughs. Shouldn't both of them be drunk? I guess Paige handles it better. They call Nikki on the way to the hotel and Paige blames Brie for everything. Back to Vegas and Alicia and Rosa discuss Barrett more rationally. Alicia says she doesn't know why he split up with her. Back to the morning after in England. The short version is brie barfs on Nikki. I guess that's the big scene. Alicia joins the European tour in Liverpool and the girls go on a Beatles tour and then have lunch. Meanwhile, Nikki goes all moralistic on Brie but she was fine. The outrage was silly. Paige was pretty funny. At lunch, Nattie gets a call that her dad is in the hospital. We are in Fort Wayne, IN. Nattie asks TJ to help her with her dad. He agrees to do this. Meanwhile, Alicia decides to face Barrett. She wants to know why he broke up with her. He says that he didn't see themselves in a long term relationship and decided to end it. It seems that she was more serious than him. So that's resolved. Now it's back to Tampa and Nattie has arranged for an intervention for her dad. It turns out to be former WWE and WCW wrestler Dan Spivey. He is now a drug counselor. The thinking is Neidhart knows him and will go with him. They don't show Spivey nor do they show the intervention. But they do play the audio. Neidhart asks who is paying for his rehab. When Spivey says the WWE, Neidhart agrees to go with him. Hopefully, he gets the help he needs. Again, they didn't show certain things for privacy reasons. But I do hope the producers follow up with this to see how he is doing. But I bet they don't. Enjoy the video!

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