Thursday, July 10, 2014

Three matches added to Aug. 9 DEEP JEWELS show

Shizuka Sugiyama, Song Hyo Kyung
DEEP JEWELS has added three matches to their Aug. 9 Shinjuku FACE show. This show will be headlined by a DEEP JEWELS Lightweight Championship match between MIZUKI and Emi Tomimatsu. Shizuka Sugiyama will drop to Welterweight to fight Korean kickboxer Song Hyo Kyung. Sugiyama previously fought at Bantamweight. So she's dropping from 135 to 125. Someone asked me if she would ever drop to 115. I don't think so. She's too big. Song is yet another CMA Korea sacrificial lamb kickboxer with an 0-4 MMA record. And those fights were at 115. This fight does nothing for Sugiyama because she hasn't won over a credible opponent in years. I guess the dirty old men still like her. In a Lightweight match Amiba will face Sachiko Fujimori. Amiba is 7-3. With the DEEP dojo closing, she is now training at AACC. Fujimori is 3-0 and trains at Brightness Monma which is owned by veteran fighter Hidetaka Monma. Her last win was over Shiori Hori on the Feb. 16 DEEP JEWELS show. In a Featherweight match, veteran Masako Yoshida will face relative newcomer Mina Kurobe. Yoshida has been around for years. She trains at Fight Chix and her record is 18-19. Kurobe is 2-0 and now trains at Master Japan which is owned by one time UFC fighter Kuniyoshi Hironaka. The now retired HIROKO trained there. Kurobe's last win was over Tomo Maesawa at the Mar. 30, 2013 JEWELS show. So this is kind of a restart for her as she has moved to a new dojo. They also added a couple of grappling matches including one with Saori Ishioka vs Yukiko Seki. I guess that one is also for the dirty old men. The last DEEP JEWELS show was on UStream iPPV. Last week on The Fight Network podcast Bauer & Pollock, former WWE writer and current Ring Of Honor staffer Court Bauer said that UStream is getting out of the iPPV business because when things go wrong, they don't have the customer service to handle problems. This is a potential problem for DEEP JEWELS, Dragon Gate and New Japan Pro Wrestling who all use UStream. The website Voices Of Wrestling posted further info this morning. As of Oct. 1, 2014, UStream will no longer carry individual iPPVs. I guess they are going to encourage these companies to use their Enterprise Pro service. So it appears they are changing their iPPV service as opposed to ending it. I'm sure we will get the next DEEP JEWELS PPV on UStream but we don't know what will happen after that. But I don't think iPPVs on Ustream are going away completely.

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