Monday, July 07, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sarah Moras vs Alexis Dufresne

Here's the video for Sarah Moras vs Alexis Dufresne from last night's The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale. This match was on UFC Fight Pass so I would assume that many folks didn't get to see it. Both fighters were making their UFC debuts but Sarah has more experience and has fought a higher level of competition. She was on The Ultimate Fighter 18 but was injured for the finale. Alexis was 5-0 but hadn't fought anyone notable. There have also been concerns in the past about her making weight. And those concerns were validated when Alexis couldn't make 135lb. The fight was fought at a Catchweight of 143lb. Alexis is bigger than Sarah and is supposed to be accomplished at Brazilian Ju Jitsu. So I expected her to control the fight. But in MMA, when a fighter gets top position, she is supposed to advance that position. Long time readers will know how much I hate lay and pray. Of course the problem is who knows how judges are going to interpret that sort of thing. So Alexis took Sarah down but never advanced her position. She didn't seem to be trying to advance her position. Meanwhile Sarah was very active from the bottom and wore Alexis out by the end of round one. So I scored round one 10-9 for Sarah. Getting top position is not enough for me. Alexis needed to do more and didn't. She wasn't any better in round two and Sarah got top position herself a couple of times. So I scored round two 10-9 for Sarah too. Alexis got top position again in round three. Sarah wasn't as effective from the bottom so I scored that round 10-9 Alexis. The judges gave the fight to Sarah Moras by unanimous decision. So they didn't like Alexis Dufresne's performance either. She needed to do more in top position and she just didn't do it. In the future, Alexis needs to make weight and it doesn't look like her conditioning is the best. She will have to prove that she is better than her performance in this fight. Enjoy the video!

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