Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sara McMann vs Lauren Murphy set for Aug. 16 Bangor show

Sara McMann
The UFC announced today that Sara McMann will face Invicta veteran Lauren Murphy on UFC Fight Night in Bangor, ME Aug. 16. Sara is hoping to rebound from losing to UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. We all know that Sara has a silver medal in wrestling from the 2004 Olympics. We all know how tough that can be. But I haven't seen enough aggression or intensity from her to think she will ever be an MMA champ. I understand she is a very nice person and a great mom and all that stuff. But she needs to be nasty in the cage. And I don't know if she has that in her. Lauren Murphy is the Invicta Bantamweight Champion. I guess she's not anymore. She's from Alaska and has a 8-0 record. She's a pretty good striker but she wasn't tested on the ground in her three Invicta matches. And she was actually losing her championship match to Miriam Nakamoto when Miriam blew out her knee and the match was stopped. I'm not sold on her yet. I would favour Sara to win if she takes Lauren down. it also shows why I would have preferred that Zuffa buy Invicta because the pretense of Invicta being anything but a UFC feeder would be over. Instead they will keep telling us that Invicta contracts are worth the paper they they are printed on when they obviously are not. That whole charade should end.

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