Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Meiko Satomura

This is the match video of Io Shirai defending her World Of STARDOM Championship against Meiko Satomura. This was the main event of the July 11 show at Korakuen Hall. Though STARDOM really tries to sell Meiko as a legit title challenger, she really isn't anymore. There was no way Meiko was going to win this match. But she can still go and she has great chemistry with Io. Io sells a knee injury during the match. She's not really injured. I like the 619 that Io does around the ring post. I don't think I have seen her do that before. Midway through the match, Io is in trouble. But Meiko wastes time and just stands there instead of going for the pin. Then she takes Io to the floor and gives her what John Cena calls an Attitude Adjustment. But Meiko doesn't bring her back into the ring for the pin. And then when Io is back in the ring, Meiko goes to a rear chinlock rest hold. Look, if STARDOM wants fans to think Meiko can win, they have to have her show some urgency. Of course the tide turns and Io uses some of her trademark moves like moonsaults and German suplexes to win and retain her title. Yoshiko won a four way contender's match earlier in the show. She will get the next title shot. Despite my nitpicking, I enjoyed the match and I think you will too.
World of Stardom Title Match by cmrankin

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