Sunday, July 13, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bebo & Cigala

Artist:Bebo & Cigala
Song:Viente Anos
Album:Lagrimas Negras

Before Fernando Trueba's 2000 documentary Calle 54, most of us only knew that Bebo Valdes was the father of legendary Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes. We also knew that Bebo lived in Sweden for many years. But Bebo's performance with his son in Calle 54 showed that Bebo could really play. So Trueba started his own Calle 54 label with RCA distribution. And his first signing was Bebo Valdes. Trueba brought in Spanish singer Diego El Cigala to record with Valdes. Cigala was born Diego Ramon Jimenez Salazar Dec. 27, 1968 in Madrid, Spain. The nickname El Cigala means Little Prawn. He was very thin so the name was a gag. He was unknown outside of Spain. Trueba brought him to New York City to record the 2003 album Lagrimas Negras. It seems like an odd pairing because Valdes is old enough to be El Cigala's grandfather. But it sure turned out great. They perform mostly Cuban standards like Viente Anos which was written by Cuban music pioneer Maria Teresa Vera. And there are guest appearances by Cuban sax player Paquito D'Rivera, Cuban percussionist Changuito, Spanish guitarist Nino Josele and Brazilian music legend Caetano Veloso. The album was highly acclaimed. It did so well that Trueba decided to record a live CD and DVD with the duo. It's pretty cool for a guy like Bebo Valdes who was 83 years old at the time. Of course Diego El Gigala is still very successful in Europe. Bebo Valdes continued to enjoy a career renaissance including a 2008 album with his son Chucho. But he started suffering from Alzheimer's and died on Mar. 22, 2013 at age 94. Here's Bebo & Cigala performing Viente Anos from their DVD.

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