Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rin Nakai "woe is me" blog post was much ado about nothing

So as we all know, Rin Nakai will face Miesha Tate on the UFC in Japan show Sept. 20 at the Saitama Super Arena. While she was in Tokyo for the press conference, she said she was looking for training partners. That wouldn't be a problem if she lived in Tokyo or Osaka. But she lives in the northern Japan island of Shikoku. And as I said to someone recently, she might as well be living in Outer Mongolia. It is astonishing that an elite fighter could come from someplace like that. And it's astonishing that she hasn't moved to Tokyo if only for better facilities. So she wrote on her blog on Sunday that she is just a hick from the sticks. She's training in a dilapidated gym and she can't get anyone to train with her. My question is who would pay to bring anyone to Shikoku. She doesn't have the money or sponsorship. She also questioned whether she could fight at a UFC level and that she even considered retirement. None of these "problems" are new. And my interpretation of her comments is she was having a bad day and she would get over it. Unfortunately, a friend of mine posted a translation on his blog and everyone overreacted...except me. I told him her comments were nonsense. Everyone has ups and downs and I would have waited a couple of days for a follow up post on Rin's blog. Sure enough, everything was better when Rin posted on her blog yesterday. She thanked fans for their support and now she is going to train hard and she's on a mission. So the uproar was much ado about nothing and I still look forward to seeing Rin Nakai fight in the UFC.

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