Sunday, July 06, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis

Such as it is, here's the video for Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis from last night's UFC show. Though I expected Ronda to win this fight in the first round, a sixteen second finish is extraordinary. Afterwards, Ronda said the overhand right knocked Alexis out but she didn't go down. After a knee to the body, Ronda woke her up with a judo throw and pounded her in the head until ref Yves Lavigne stopped the fight. So Ronda has learned to keep going until the ref steps in. Alexis woke up and thought the fight was still in progress. She tried to grab Ronda and then Lavigne. She has to watch the video because she doesn't know what happened. She literally didn't know what hit her. There was some controversy during the post match interview. Joe Rogan was told by the UFC production truck to ask Ronda if she would be willing to fight again in three weeks at UFC 176. The main event was scrapped when Jose Aldo got hurt. I had heard a rumour a few days ago that the UFC was going to ask Ronda to fight at UFC 176. This was fueled by Ronda saying this week that she would be willing to step up on short notice if asked. You can see in the background that UFC president Dana White is furious. He said afterwards he was upset that Ronda was put on the spot and that somebody in the truck is in big trouble. Ronda is not fighting at UFC 176. She has minor knee surgery planned and a gash on her knuckle needed nine stitches. Apparently her overhand right caused that. That's why she wanted a quick finish. I expect we will see her fight at the year end UFC show in Vegas against Cat Zingano. I don't know who she'll face after that. A lot of these girls are like Alexis Davis. They are good fighters but none can compete with Ronda. She's at a higher level and she's improving. Who would have thought two years ago that she could get a knockout finish? Maybe she has silenced all her haters. Nah, you can't silence morons. Enjoy the video!


  1. I am pleased to note that Ronda is improving on her striking power. Though she doesn't start with boxing, she works very hard on it and it was obvious during the fight. However, there are some mma fans who seem to care more about her sports bras than her performance. There's some rumor flying about her 'breast implants', and you would find that in some gossip forums. I remain neutral since I don't know her in person and have no right to judge based on photos or videos. If she really does that, will it affect her fighting skill?

  2. Don't bother with those morons. They don't know what they are talking about.

  3. It is true that most of fans happen to be male and it is rather silly to comment on her body rather than her fighting skill. I don't really care about what fighters (males or females) do with their bodies as long as it doesn't relate to drugs or bad habits. Just wish mma fans at least focus more on how fighters work in the cage. Sometimes MMA community is really big on their mouths and I nearly think they're like TMZ people. :p