Friday, July 04, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Fantasy

Song:You're Too Late
Album:The Best Of Fantasy: You're Too Late

Fantasy had a brief run on the dance and R & B charts in the early 80s. You're Too Late was their biggest hit in 1981. It topped the Dance chart. Fantasy was put together in a New York City recording studio by producer Tony Valor. Valor was born in Sicily but he grew up in Brooklyn. He started out singing on street corners. But by the mid-70s, he was an executive at Brunswick Records, a once proud label now trying to hang on by producing disco records. Valor's first big hit was Maryann Farra & Satin Soul's Do Those Little Things in 1976. He also recorded as Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra which was supposed to be similar to what Barry White was doing at the time. He discovered that this kind of music was very popular in Europe. Valor left Brunswick and worked with Carol Douglas (Doctor's Orders) at Paula Records in 1978 and the group Soccer in 1979. Valor started Pavillion Records in 1980 with Columbia Records distribution and formed Fantasy. Disco music was becoming more R & B based and Fantasy's music reflected that. You're Too Late topped the Dance chart in 1981 was named the top disco record of the year by Billboard. Fantasy was never intended to perform live. They were strictly a studio group. Tamm E. Hunt was lead singer. Other members were Ken Roberson, Rufus Jackson and Carolyn Edwards who were all dancers. Roberson is still a choreographer in New York. Fantasy recorded two albums and this comp covers those albums. Valor attempted to revive the Fantasy name in 2003 with some of the same songs but it's not the same group. Tony Valor doesn't produce much music anymore but he still owns a publishing company. Here's a video for You're Too Late by Fantasy. Thanks to Bernard Lopez of for the Tony Valor info.

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