Friday, May 16, 2014

WSOF 10 adds two women's matches to prelims

Ashlee Evans-Smith
The WSOF finally announced the complete card for WSOF 10 June 21 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and they added two's matches to the prelims. Jessica Aguilar defending her WSOF belt against Emi Fujino was previously announced. One match will have Ashlee Evans-Smith facing Marceia Allen. Ashlee's record is 2-0 and she is best known for beating transgender fighter Fallon Fox in that CFA tournament Oct. 2013. It's funny to me that most folks still think that was an upset but remember that yours truly predicted Ashlee would win. The WSOF signed her soon after. Because the WSOF is foolishly choosing not to hire enough female fighters to create women's divisions, it's hard to know what they will do with Ashlee. She fights at 145 but one might think she might want to drop to 135 in the future. Marceia Allen has a 3-1 record. You probably saw her lose to Jessamyn Duke on the Oct. 6, 2012 Invicta show. She has won her two fights since then against low level competition. Ashlee should be the favourite. The other fight is at 115lb with Lynn Alvarez facing Sofia Bagherdai. Lynn's record is 8-3 but two of those losses were really high profile. She lost to Jessica Aguilar at the Bellator tournament Aug. 12, 2010. She took two years off and didn't look any better when she lost to Carla Esparza on the Oct. 6, 2012 Invicta show. She returned on the Jan. 11 Dakota FC show and hurt Amber Stautzenberger in the first round with a straight right leading to a TKO. I just watched that fight and the straight right seemed almost accidental. Sofia has a 5-2 record but it's misleading because she took four years off before returning on the Apr. 28, 2012 Invicta show. She missed weight and then looked terrible losing to Ashley Cummins. She won her last fight in Sept. 2012. A few years ago Sofia was thought to have some potential. But the inactivity and the fact that back then she fought at 125 and now she fights at 115 makes her a big question mark. I expect the winner of this fight to face the winner of the title fight. The one thing about this show is that with three title fights at the top of the card, this could be a marathon.

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