Thursday, May 22, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Niagara

Song:Je Dois M'En Aller

The French duo Niagara had success in France and Quebec in the late 80s. They are frequently compared to the Eurythmics. Singer Muriel Laporte met keyboard player Daniel Chenevez in 1982 while both were studying in Rennes, France. At first they were called L'Ombre Jaune (The Yellow Shadow). After a few performances, they changed their name to Niagara as a tribute to the 1954 film starring Marilyn Monroe. Muriel would later change her name to Muriel Moreno also as a tribute to Monroe. Moreno is an anagram of Monroe. Muriel is also known as DJ Rennes. Niagara signed with Polydor Records and released their debut album Encore Un dernier Baiser in 1985. Hit singles included Tchiki Boom, L'amour a la Plage and Je Dois M'En Aller. They did very well in France obviously driven by Muriel's exotic looks. Their 1988 album Quel Enfer and the single Soleil D'hiver crossed the pond and was successful in Quebec especially on the French Canadian video channel MusiquePlus. Niagara's 1990 album Religion had a harder rock sound. By 1992 when the album La Verite was released, the relationship between Muriel and Chenevez was falling apart professionally and personally. Muriel was burned out and Niagara cancelled an upcoming tour and split up. You can get all their hits on this comp. Chenevez has released one album and is mostly a behind the scenes figure in the Paris music scene. Muriel Moreno released three albums and then joined the group Dynamo for three albums in 2004. She still performs in Paris clubs as DJ Rennes. And I think it's fair to say DJing is her first love. Here's the video for Je Dois M'En Aller by Niagara.

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