Monday, May 05, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 2 episode 7

This week's episode of WWE Total Divas isn't quite as stupid as last week. But it's still very stupid. We have three storylines. Like a lot of women, Brie Bella is obsessing about her upcoming wedding. When fiancee Bryan Danielson tells her that most guys don't care about the wedding, she says it's sad. So that's where her head is. Meanwhile, Summer Rae is upset that one of her ex-boyfriends is getting married. She seems a little desperate for a significant other. Someone suggests she try Fandango. But if you watched the show last year, you'll know that Fandango doesn't seem like boyfriend material. It almost seems like Summer Rae is being pranked. The third story has Trinity not wanting to get pregnant. But she forgets to take her birth control pills and husband Jon doesn't like condoms. Eva Marie suggests a birth control implant that is inserted into the arm and lasts for three years. For some reason, Trinity chooses not to tell Jon she is getting the implant. She says it is because it's her body. She can do what she wants with it. I like Trinity but I will call BS on her. The real reason is to create phony drama for the show. It doesn't have to be this phony. Jon is upset when he finds out she didn't tell him. But they make up and all is well. So Brie goes to pick out a wedding dress and Nikki no shows. Then they go to pick out a bridesmaid dress for Nikki and Nikki wants to show too much cleavage. Then she wants Nikki to help her with the invitations but Nikki isn't interested. So Brie gets mad and kicks her out of the maid of honor slot. Remember that as long as Nikki is with John Cena, she ain't getting a wedding. So it could be perceived that Brie is throwing that in her face. They make up too and because the twins are always bickering, this is likely based on a real argument. So Summer Rae asks Fandango out for a date. So where does he take her? He takes her to his favourite bar to have shots. What kind of a date is that? She's a good sport about it but she should have seen red flags and just went home. Instead she goes to his place and jumps on him and starts to make out. But when she kisses him, she finally realizes that something is off and she retreats. Is she that desperate for male companionship? It's hard to believe she could be that dumb which is why I think the second half of this date was created for the show. Welcome to reality TV. Enjoy the video.

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