Monday, May 12, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas Season 2 episode 8

This episode of WWE Total Divas is about various forms of lying and how a lie can make things go wrong. I guess it could be a cautionary tale if I thought this show had any nobility. But the producers are making a lot of this stuff up so ironically everything on the show is a lie. We begin at the San Diego home of Nikki Bella. She receives a package containing what is supposed to be a painting of herself and boyfriend John Cena. The artiste is Nattie Neidhart. The painting is laughably bad but Nattie is coming to visit so Nikki has to display it somewhere until Nattie visits and then it goes back in the closet. Meanwhile, Ariane is releasing her horrible tone deaf single and she thinks she's a big enough celebrity to promote her record through paparazzi posting pics of her on the internet. As we can tell by her singing in the car, she's lying to herself about her singing talent. And she is also kidding herself about her level of fame. It falls flat. There are no pictures of Ariane on the internet. At RAW, WWE director of talent relations Mark Carrone tells Summer Rae and Eva Marie that they are thinking of turning them into a tag team. Summer Rae thinks it could be a good idea because it could lead to more TV time. But Eva admits she hasn't had much time to train. Summer has to see if she can even work with Eva in the ring. After her last masterpiece, Nattie is painting a portrait of Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson as a wedding present. It's pretty bad but she asks husband TJ Wilson for his opinion and when he's about to tell her the truth, she tells him to leave. So to spare her feelings, everyone will lie to Nattie about the painting. Instead of shipping the painting, she decides to drag it to RAW and give it to them personally. But when they get there, the car is too small. They attach it to the roof with panty hose and tape. And when it inevitably falls off, TJ wants to leave it in the road. Oh that stubborn Nattie. When she gives it to them, they lie to her and laugh when she leaves. This angle is so screwy, it can't possibly be real. Summer Rae tries to train with Eva Marie. But Eva can't wrestle and she makes excuses about not training meaning she doesn't want to learn. This is what happens when the WWE hires a girl from a casting call and puts her on TV without wrestling training. So now Summer doesn't like the tag team idea. After Ariane's attempt to get attention fails, she decides to get a real celebrity to help her. She meets Ray J to work out at the gym. The problem is she doesn't tell boyfriend Vinnie she is doing this. That's lying by omission. Oh, you don't know who Ray J is? He is the brother of R & B superstar Brandy and has had moderate success on the charts himself. He has also acted on TV and starred in a couple of VH1 reality shows. I guess he is a celebrity to E! viewers but not to WWE fans. So the paparazzi takes pictures of them working out and they appear on the internet. Success! But at the single release party, Vinnie is upset she didn't tell him she was doing this. She apologizes and all is well. The only reason I can think of why she didn't tell him is he's goofy and no one knows how he will react to anything. When Summer Rae gets to RAW, she tells Carrano that Eva Marie is a terrible wrestler and she doesn't think she can work with her. Of course the whole thing should have been cancelled. But instead they team them with Tamina Snuka who Summer worked with at house shows. During the match which was taped for Superstars, Summer Rae refuses to tag Eva Marie in. and it doesn't look like Tamina was aware of what she was doing. Afterwards, the show makes Summer Rae look like a heel. But she went to Carrano and he didn't cancel the match. See what telling the truth gets you on this show. Eva Marie should be nowhere near a ring until the WWE finds out if she can learn to wrestle. At the end of the show, they show Aksana dropping a knee on Trinity's eye. We all saw this a few months ago. We will see the aftermath next week. There's your cliffhanger. Enjoy the video!

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