Monday, May 05, 2014

Paige vs Tamina is pretty good despite lame WWE booking

Here's the match video of Paige defending the WWE Divas Championship against Tamina from last night's WWE PPV. The match is pretty good but there there are a couple of problems. They weren't given enough time and were placed in a bad spot on the show so fans didn't care about the match. The WWE always does this with women's matches. But they are going to have to knock off that crap if they want Paige to get over. And I am also not a big fan of the underdog champion booking they are doing with Paige. It reminds me of 2008 when NEO booked Haruka Matsuo as champ to keep her from retiring and they booked her as an underdog champ. It didn't work. Paige needs to be booked stronger. She was a ring general when I saw her at age 17 a few years ago. And I actually like her better as a heel. But they are obviously going to have her do a program with AJ Lee when AJ returns. I guess that leaves Naomi out in the cold. It's too bad but Paige has star potential if they will book her properly. The match is fine. Paige takes some good bumps especially outside the ring. I'm not crazy about her Scorpion Crosslock finisher. You'll notice she had trouble applying it on Tamika. I think the Paige Turner is a better finisher. I like Paige a lot but I do not trust that the WWE will book her properly. Enjoy the video!

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