Friday, May 30, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Sugar Jones

Artist:Sugar Jones
Song:How Much Longer
Album:Sugar Jones

A recent and annoying trend in pop music is trying to create successful pop music through reality shows. Sugar Jones is a Canadian example of this. They were the stars of the 2001 reality show Popstars. This show was created in New Zealand in 1999 and they licensed it everywhere. The concept is a pop group is created through auditions and the show is about the journey from individuals to a group. Of course it is very difficult to have any kind of chemistry or longevity under those conditions. So most of the groups created through Popstars have been short lived. Either the girls don't get along or some look at the show as a stepping stone to a solo career. Of course that's what happened with the US version of Popstars when Nicole Scherzinger broke away from Eden's Crush. In Canada, Popstars was on Global TV for three seasons. Sugar Jones was formed through auditions for season one. The five girls were Mirella Dell'Aquila, Julie Crochetiere, Andrea Henry, Sahara McDonald and Maiko Watson. You'll notice in the video clip they all sing lead. I would prefer one lead singer per song. They released an album in 2001. The first single Days Like That did okay but How Much Longer didn't chart. They even recorded a French version to try to appeal to the Quebec market. The song was written and produced by Jon Levine of The Philosopher Kings. A lot of the album was produced by Tyson Kuteyi of the Flava All Stars. The attempt to turn Sugar Jones into stars was derailed when Maiko Watson decided she would prefer to tour with her husband Remy Shand than continue in Sugar Jones. And that was it. They split up. Maiko, Julie and Andrea still continue in music. Julie is probably the most active of the three. The other two seem to have left the music business. Popstars ran in Canada for three seasons and none of the groups were successful. So being in a reality show is one thing. Turning that into a successful career in music is another. Here's Sugar Jones performing How Much Longer on the MuchMusic show Electric Circus 2001.

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