Saturday, May 03, 2014

Jessica Aguilar vs Emi Fujino set for June 21 WSOF show

Jessica Aguilar
Last night the WSOF finally confirmed what a lot of us have known for a while. Jessica Aguilar will defend her title against Emi Fujino at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas June 21. We knew this fight would happen the moment the WSOF signed Fujino. It was supposed to be on the first WSOF Japan show in May. But that show has been postponed until August so the WSOF had to figure out something else. Until last night, a date and location had not been confirmed. And the way they announced it seemed like an afterthought. Look, these guys do a lot of stupid things. Jessica made her WSOF debut with a win over Alida Gray in January. It was an obvious mismatch but they chose to make it a title match. They could have waited but they are idiots. So you want to know if Emi Fujino can beat Jessica Aguilar. She has a chance if Jessica is either off her game or she has terrible strategy. That's a very slim chance. Fujino is a good but not great fighter. Her record is 13-7 but all her losses were to fighters who were favoured to beat her. She has never won as an underdog. And I don't expect it here. Fujino has never fought outside Japan. Most Japanese women's fights are two five minute rounds in a ring though Valkyrie fights were three rounds in a cage. So lately she hasn't gone three rounds she has never gone five rounds. And this is relevant because most of Fujino's fights go to a decision. Does she even have five rounds in her gas tank? I think we will find out because I think Jessica's strategy will be to gas her out. I don't expect a finish. Oh, I do have one warning for Emi Fujino. Beware of eye pokes.

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