Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Four Horsewomen grudge match booked for UFC 176 in Los Angeles

Bethe Correia, Shayna Baszler
Last night the UFC announced that Brazilian Bethe Correia will face Shayna Baszler at UFC 176 Aug. 2 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. This is all based on the perception that after her recent win over Jessamyn Duke, Bethe disrespected the Ronda Rousey led Four Horsewomen group. As a huge pro wrestling fan, it's not surprising that Shayna would buy into this feud. The hysterical overreaction to Bethe's actions was pretty funny. But she got their attention and that's what she and her trainers The Pitbull Brothers wanted for her. What if she hadn't done that? And there are fighters who would never do what she did. But it gave her a boost up the ladder and Ronda is talking about her as a possible title contender if Bethe wins this fight. But is she really a title contender? She isn't yet and I don't know if winning this fight will make her a title contender. It not only depends on if she wins this fight but how she wins. Bethe is 2-0 in the UFC but neither win was impressive. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, Jessamyn lost that fight through ineffectiveness more than Bethe won that fight. If Bethe wants to be a bonafide title contender then she not only has to win this fight but win impressively. A squeaker won't cut it. Ronda would kill her anyway but that's besides the point. Bethe needs credibility that she doesn't have yet. Shayna was supposed to make her UFC debut last month against Sarah Kaufman but dropped out due to a back injury. She's been around a long time and there are those who believe time has passed her by and she is over the hill. I'm not prepared to say that but Shayna has a lot to prove especially after her performance in The Ultimate Fighter. She needs to win this fight. I think if she takes Bethe down she should be able to submit her. And she is motivated by the disrespect of the Four Horsewomen. It should be interesting.

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