Monday, May 26, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 10

With Brie Bella's wedding coming up on next week's WWE Total Divas finale, I expected this episode to be an episode of Bridezillas. You don't watch that show? Well, neither do I. But I know what it's about. It was around for ten years so somebody was watching it. So Nikki Bella has promised Brie that she will tell boyfriend John Cena about her secret wedding before Brie marries Bryan Danielson in a couple of weeks. Nikki tries to tell him a couple of times during this episode. But she just can't seem to do it. And then at the end of this episode, she lies to her family and tells them she told him and he was OK with it. The s**t will hit the fan next week as I expect The Bella Twins' brother to blurt it out to Cena. And Cena's reaction will be to say to Nikki "Why couldn't you tell me?". The answer is Nikki is an idiot. So meanwhile Bridezilla Brie is obsessing over every little detail and it's starting to drive Danielson nuts. The latest is her grandmother wants him to trim his beard for the big day and she buys this stuff to help do that. You might say "So what if he trims that ratty old beard". The problem is the beard is part of his WWE character. So he has to keep it. Then The Bella Twins and their mom go for a final dress fitting and they get a call from the WWE office that they are to go to New Orleans to film the Wrestlemania opening. But Brie planned to check out wedding venues. So why can't Nikki go alone? She can't. They're a unit. They argue about this but they go to New Orleans and mom checks out the venues. Meanwhile, Wrestlemania is coming up and Trinity McCray is back and is expecting a WWE Divas Championship shot. Instead they get a battle royal type match. The funny thing is they don't show Trinity's reaction to this news as I'm sure she was disappointed. And remember the night after Wrestlemania, Paige debuted and won the belt. The reason they do a battle royal is because they want all the girls to get a Wrestlemania payday. I would like to see Trinity's reaction. Back to Bridezilla Brie. She and Danielson check out the two wedding venues. She prefers the second one because it's in a natural setting. The problem is it has logistical issues like no washrooms and it's a lot more expensive. She still wants to have the wedding there but Danielson squawks about money. Look, he was a wrestler for a long time before he made WWE money. It's not surprising that he's a frugal guy. On the show, they made it look like Brie got her way but she didn't. She chose the first venue though she preferred the second. He won the argument. A lot of WWE wrestlers are invited to the wedding. After some fretting, Brie has decided not to invite Summer Rae because nobody likes Summer because she talks trash about the other girls behind their backs. Brie tells her this face to face and Summer admits her insecurities about being a WWE newbie at 30. This seems to give Summer a wake up call. So next week's season two finale is all about Brie Bella's wedding to Bryan Danielson. That should be fun. Enjoy the video.

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