Monday, March 31, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas season 2 episode 3

This week's episode is part two of what shall be known as The Bus Trip From Hell. Last week, Brie Bella talked fiancee Bryan Danielson into trying out a tour bus. This mistake was compounded by inviting the entire cast of WWE Total Divas to go with them. Danielson admitted in an interview a few days ago that he only got the bus for the show. I assume the producers paid for it. Eva Marie and Summer Rae left the bus to travel together. And the show begins with them recapping their reasons for leaving. So Brie admits that getting the bus wasn't such a good idea. And it was certainly a bad idea to invite everyone to go with them. It was noisy so Danielson couldn't get any sleep. Then Brie catches Trinity and fiancee Jon Fatu Jr. doing the nasty on the bus. That's it. Danielson declares that the bus experiment is over. Not surprising. Most of the rest of this episode concentrates on new Total Divas cast member Summer Rae. She is Fandango's dance partner and also wrestles. As with Eva Marie, she is a bit of an outcast because she is new to the WWE roster and lacks experience. So you might ask what about Trinity? She was a dancer before the WWE. Her fiancee grew up in the wrestling business so that gets her points. The girls believe Summer Rae is overly flirtatious with the boys and a phony. To illustrate this, Danielson is telling Brie and Nikki about a curious conversation he had with Summer Rae. They show the conversation and Danielson has a very puzzled look on his face. A pissed off Brie tells Summer Rae to stop flirting with her fiancee. So this puts the other girls on notice that Summer is doing this and pretending to not know what the problem is. She's done this flirting already with Nattie Neidhart's husband TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd). Plus Nattie's insecurities lead her to dislike any new blonde who could take her spot. So Nattie discusses Summer Rae with Fandango to piss Summer off. And Summer goes to Nattie's house to confront her. Nattie accuses Summer of being a glorified stripper. That was way out of bounds. Though I agree that Summer emphasizes her sex appeal because of the character she is playing, I have seen worse in the WWE. I don't even think Summer is that attractive. Summer slaps Nattie and Nattie tells Summer if she ever comes to her house again, she will call the police. And she could have charged Summer with assault. Is Summer Rae behaving properly? She probably needs to watch herself better. She's new to the wrestling business but she's been in locker rooms before. And she's not a kid. She's 30 years old. As a newbie, she wants attention but I don't think flirting with the boys is what she should be doing. This storyline will continue when WWE Total Divas returns in two weeks. It will be pre-empted for Wrestlemania. Enjoy the video!
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Total Divas S02E03 - Part 2/3 (720p HD) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv3
Total Divas S02E03 - Part 3/3 (720p HD) by WrestlingVidsUploaderHQv3

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