Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Cheerleader Melissa

On today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theater, I have Io Shirai defending her World of STARDOM Championship against SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa. This was the main event of the Mar. 16 Korakuen Hall show. Only the STARDOM belt was on the line. I did not expect it to change hands as Melissa only appeared on this show. Of course she has been in Japan before especially back in 2001 when she trained at ARSION for several months. I have one complaint about the video. I will never understand why Samurai TV shows the wrestler entrances and then clips the match. I know they have to fit it into a timeslot. We don't need to see the entrances. Show the whole match. I think the match is excellent considering they had never worked together before. I don't think Melissa had even met Io before this match. It just shows how versatile Melissa is. And she is a lot bigger than Io. She probably outweighs Io by 20 pounds and is much taller. That takes a lot of adjustment especially when the two have never worked together before. The match went very smoothly as I would expect from two of the best female wrestlers in the business. The one noticeable problem was when Io almost crashed and burned doing her moonsault to the floor. The other wrestlers are supposed to position Melissa so she catches Io and someone forgot to do that. Melissa got in some of her trademark spots including the curbstomp. Instead of using her diving footstomp moonsault finisher, Io used a facebuster instead. I think they may have been running short of time. I think most fans will enjoy this match. Afterwards, Io accepted Alpha Female's challenge for the title. Of course Io beat Alpha Female to win the title last year. I think Alpha Female could win this time because she is under contract to STARDOM until the fall so they can give her a good run before Nanae Takahashi get her revenge on Alpha Female. Io and Alpha Female had a great match last year so I expect the same this year. Enjoy the video!
World of Stardom Title Match by cmrankin

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