Monday, March 03, 2014

Big Bad blog Video Theater-Paige vs Emma NXT Arrival

Here's the match video for Paige vs Emma from last week's NXT Arrival. This aired only on the WWE Network which is only available in the US. So I don't think most foreign viewers have seen it. Typically, the match has been overpraised as the greatest Divas match ever. I guess that's a very low standard. Look, I routinely watch Japanese women's matches that blow this one away. Yes, it's a higher standard. That's what the standard should be. This low standard for Divas has been a big WWE problem for years. To be fair, Trinity McCray AKA Naomi and AJ Lee are attempting to raise that standard. And Trinity's eye injury from a very careless kneedrop by the Lithuanian bodybuilder Aksana didn't help. But they need more girls who want to be good wrestlers because Trinity and AJ can't do it themselves. The new blood is supposed to come from NXT. In my opinion, Paige is already good enough to be on the main WWE roster. The reason she isn't is because the WWE's old parochial criteria for women in wrestling dies hard. There was a time when a female had to be 23 years old to get a WWE contract. They claimed they were concerned about maturity. So the WWE broke that rule when they signed Paige in 2011. She was 19 years old at the time. She's now 21 but they still think she's too young for the main roster. If they were going to do that, maybe they shouldn't have signed her. Look, she grew up in the wrestling business. Her mom is Sweet Saraya. We all know about her. In fact, Paige is only the second wrestler in history whose parents are both wrestlers. The first was Ted DiBiase Sr. Channel 4 in England produced a doc about the family that you should seek out. I think her wrestling experience gives her a maturity that belies her age. The WWE can be very silly especially when it comes to women in wrestling. Paige is currently the NXT Divas Champion. Her opponent for this special show is the Aussie Emma who we have seen on the main roster. Her shtick is this silly dance. I'm sure you won't be surprised that I hate her dancing because it makes her a comedy character. And you'll notice that on RAW they have paired her with Santino Marella. I think she is an awkward wrestler and she needs a lot of work. She needs to be quicker. I think Summer Rae and Sasha Banks are better athletes than her. But Emma is popular because of the dancing. The match is OK. It didn't blow me away. They were given more time but they aren't used to that so they don't know what to do with it. Paige is a very accomplished performer. Paige's new submission finisher was dubbed by William Regal the Scorpion Crosslock. Bull Nakano used this hold in the 90s but not as a finisher. I like The Paige Turner better. See what you think. Check out the video for yourself.
720pHD: WWE NXT ArRival 2014 Emma vs. Paige by WrestlingDivasWorld

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